The biggest problem that John presents to his family is psychological stress, especially for his parents and financial strain if the doctor prescribes serious medication for him. Even though John is under an insurance cover by his parents, the siblings also worry the attitude that John is acquiring from his condition. He was known to be a strict boy who did not entertain nonsense from his peers. However, immediately they realized a change in his lifestyle and social life john becomes a threat to the small children and old people who do not have much energy. This is the case referral comes from family and friends of John who loved him and felt that his health condition may grow worse later in his life. They did not know what had happened to John since he left school and the negative attitude he had towards other family members. Therefore, this essay will seek to uncover the health problem disturbing John and propose solution strategies for the problem. It will cover history, symptom and other social events that may relate to changes in attitude that John was showing to his family and peers


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